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Thursday, September 26, 2013

IMPORTANT: a new start with a new blog

my new blog

It's here. My new blog with my own domain is up and running! And I'm so happy with it. It was definitely time to run away from blogger, because I was so unsatisfied with many things. So I decided to do the necessary step and move.

Please change the subscriptions of your feeds. The new adress of this blog is:

I will no longer post on this blog, but my other accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Flickr are not affected. So don't panic. Furthermore I will redirect the posts of this blog to the new one in time, so you will be automatically forwarded to the new blog. 

I hope you find the way and we will see each other there. Thank you for your loyalty, dear reader.

Bye, bye old blog. Hello new blog. Here I come! :)